Getting creative in Saxmundham!
Ceramic painting is not just for kids... it's fun for ALL ages, and no artistic prowess is necessary to create awesome, usable works of art!

Large selection of paint colours to choose from!

Open 9am – 5pm Wednesday to Saturday (1pm on Thursday).
Monday & Tuesday are by appointment, as I use these days for glazing and firing. 

Booking advisable to avoid disappointment.
Groups of four or more must be booked in advance.

Children’s Parties, Hen Nights and private parties can be arranged too!

Gift Vouchers make a lovely gift, and are available to purchase in the Studio.

Crock-n-Roll also runs a Loyalty Scheme, offering discounts after repeat visits.
​​Glazing Timeline...
I often used to wonder why it took so long from painting my piece to getting it back glazed. Surely it can't take that long!

Now I am doing it myself, I can most definitely confirm that it really does take that long! 

Here is a little timeline I have put together to help you understand the process involved in getting your works of art back to you as perfect as I can!

  • Time for painted piece to dry: 1 day
  • Time for glaze to dry: 1-2 days (dependent on the weather... yes really!) - this cannot be accelerated
  • Time to 'cook': 7.5 hours
  • Time to cool enough to remove from kiln: 14-24 hours - the kiln gets up to 1000 degrees Celsius, and has to get back down to 50 degrees Celsius before the items can be removed safely, and without damaging the glaze. This process cannot be accelerated either!

So, you can see, that the absolute minimum time to receive the items back would be 4-5 days.
This is also dependent on the number of items there are to fire, so some items could take 2-3 weeks during very busy periods.

As soon as your items are ready for collection, I will contact you on the number you have provided to let you know.