Due to the ever-changing nature of my stock, it is nigh on impossible to produce a price list as such, however, here are some prices of a few examples of our more popular stock items, as a guide:

Oval/Heart Pendant: £3.00
Round Coaster:  £4.00
Small Tile: £4.00
​Large Tile: £6.00
Small Animals: from £6.00 (e.g. owl, hippo, cat, fox etc)
Standard mug: £9.00
Rimmed plate: £9.00
Salt & Pepper Pots: £8.00/£10.00 set
Flat Plate: £10.00
Small Round Trinket Box: £10.00
Pasta Bowl: £10.00
Tall Latte Beaker: £12.00
Traditional Piggy Bank: £15.00
Kitchen Utensil Pot: £24.00
Large Deco Vase: £30.00
Cake Stand: £37.50

There is a one-off Studio fee of £3 per painter, per session.

Sessions are booked in two-hour slots.

Decopatch items are from £4, and no studio fee is payable.